Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Site Credits: Videography

Thanks to a number of talented, internationally known videographers, the Sangat Island Dive Resort website is proud to showcase five professionally shot and edited video presentations of our resort as well as a number of nearby wrecks sites and coral reefs areas located at the foot of our beachfront and beyond.

All those who have graciously contributed their time and creative skills to the creation and continued expansion of www.sangat.ph are noted below.

Silke de Vos

Silke de Vos is a videographer, director, producer, and founder of Silky Fox Productions.

Silke originally worked as a consultant for software systems but made a radical career change in 2004 when she discovered the beauties of underwater videography after becoming a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer. She followed an intensive training course with Chris Clark, a well-known underwater videographer based in Thailand, who taught her the tricks of the trade. In the next decade Silke spent hundreds of hours under water and probably thousands of hours in the editing room, producing incredible underwater videos that won several international awards.

Despite the fact that her work was appreciated throughout, Silke nevertheless felt she ‘got stuck’ professionally and decided to follow a one year course in filmmaking at IAFT in Cebu, Philippines, being one of the most reputed film academies in the world. At the academy she dramatically broadened her knowledge of filmmaking and in 2013 graduated with top marks as the scholar with highest academic achievements with core competences in producing, directing, camera and editing.

Silke’s filming passion focuses mainly on documentaries revolving around the issues Environment and Culture, but underwater videography still plays a large role in her life.

Another aspect of her work are commercial productions, her most recent tasks being promotion videos for resorts and the official promotion video for the Philippine Tourism Promotion Board at the Düsseldorf “Boot”-exhibitions.

Silke divides her time between the Philippines and Germany where she runs two hotels together with her husband.

You can view Silke’s website by clicking here or visit her official facebook page by clicking here.

Helmut Goerlitz

Helmut Goerlitz is a video and stereographer, director, producer, and founder of the HGVT Underwater Development Group.

Helmut researched for more then 15 years in the field of autostereoscopic systems at the university of Kassel before he founded his own company “HGTV”. He has worked as a stereographer for several broadcast companies and recentlyproduced four 3D-documentaries with the title "The Art Of Diving 3D" for the German broadcast company “Sky 3D”, a daughter of “20th Century Fox Corporation”. Furthermore several of Helmut’s 3D films were shown on international filmfestivals around the world.

Helmut is a dive master and has been filming underwater with various camera systems since 1992. He is also an apt technician and has developed underwater camera remote systems for several reputed companies for more than 20 years. Since one year Helmut has teamed up as a co-producer and cameraman with Silke de Vos, founder of Silky Fox Productions.

For more information please refer to Helmut’s website by clicking here or by visiting his facebook page by clicking here.