Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Sangat Sub-Chaser Adventure

With the bow of this World War II era Japanese wreck a scant 3-meters below the surface, the Sangat Sub Chaser Adventure provides a unique and intriguing shallow-depth wreck experience for swimmers and snorkelers alike.

Sub Chaser beach, located just 30 meters from the wreck, is a modest white sand stretch which provides a relaxing and scenic between-snorkel rest and picnic spot.

Conveniently located on the eastern side of Sangat Island, this destination is a quick 10-minute speedboat ride from the resort; due to its close proximity to the Sangat beachfront, this tour can be enjoyed virtually anytime you’re ready… tides and sunlight permitting, of course.

Refreshments and snacks can be provided upon request.

Tour Itinerary and Activity Briefing
Depart Sangat:Any time during daylight hours.
Round-Trip Travel:20 minutes
Return Sangat:Any time during daylight hours.
Activities:Snorkling Sangat Gunboat; relaxing on Gunboat Beach.

The cost for the Sangat Gunboat tour is GB £21.00.