Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Calumbuyan and Pass Islands

Calumbuyan and Pass Islands are just two of a long string of jewel-like islands within an easy one-hour boat ride from Sangat’s own beachfront.

Calumbuyan is often preferred for snorkeling due to plentiful coral reefs teaming with wildlife including assorted varieties of starfish and giant clams that love the close-in tide waters. Pass Island, on the other hand, is often noted for its long, shallow shoreline and perfectly tranquil personality.

This tour begins at 9am with our first stop being Calumbuyan Island. After a few hours at Calumbuyan you have the option of continuing to Pass island or, alternately, Concepcion Waterfalls. See the Concepcion Waterfall tour for more information.

Refreshments will be available throughout the tour as well as lunch. Return to Sangat will be at 5pm.

Tour Itinerary and Activity Briefing
Depart Sangat:9:00 am
Round-Trip Travel:Approximately 2 hours
Return Sangat:5:00 pm
Activities:Snorkling, swimming, sunbathing.
Lunch:Provided on the beach or tour boat.

The cost for the Calumbuyan and Pass Island tour is GB £83.00 plus beach entrance fees of GB £3.50 for each guest.