Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Hot Springs

If the bathtub-warm waters of the South China Sea aren't soothing enough for you, grab a kayak or arrange for a speed boat and head for one of Sangat Island's most popular natural wonders: our very own geothermal hot springs!

Just a 30-minute paddle by kayak – or a few short minutes by speed boat – guests enter the hot springs through a 30-meter long mangrove tunnel. Then it's up and over a shallow stone retaining wall and into the sultry spring water! With average temperatures ranging in the neighborhood of 40°C, this natural hot-tub is the perfect pre-breakfast treat or post-scuba stop-off before heading back to the resort.

The best times of day to enjoy the hot springs is between low and high tides so that the spring water remains comfortably warm and undiluted by cooler sea water which typically laps over the retaining wall during high-tide.