Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Reef Dives

All of the reef areas described below – as well as many others throughout this region – are the exquisite yet delicate habitat of countless varieties of coral, spectacularly-colored tropical fish, lobster, crab, seahorses, turtles as well as a large number of pelagic species including Tuna, Barracuda and Spanish Mackerel.

To view individual artist-renderings of the general boundaries of each reef location described below – including each reef’s physical location in relation to Sangat Island – please click on any of the thumbnail images shown at the left.

Sangat Island Marine Park

In 2004, the waters and reefs surrounding Sangat island were officially designated as a protected marine park; as such, Sangat Island Dive Resort plays an ongoing role in the management, protection and – as necessary – rehabilitation of all marine wildlife areas located within the confines of the Sangat Island Marine Park.

As the official conservators this sanctuary, Sangat Island Dive Resort frequently hosts marine research volunteers to assist in the monitoring and care of our protected habitats through reef health studies, coral planting projects, removal of natural reef predators (most notably the Crown-Of-Thorns sea star), and more.

To date, 75% of the reefs surrounding Sangat Island are intact and healthy; through our assistance and protection, the remaining 25% continue to recover from typhoon damage, previous illegal fishing practices and Crown-Of-Thorns infestation.

Our ongoing – and ecologically essential – labor of love is a testament to the fact that two of the most popular reef dives within Coron Bay remain the Sangat House Reef and the Sangat Coral Gardens.

1. Sangat House Reef

Located an easy swim or kayak paddle from our beachfront, the House Reef – an officially recognized and protected marine sanctuary – originates 1 to 3 meters from the surface and slopes to a maximum depth of 18 to 28 meters.

Dive Type: Location: Travel Time: Max. Depth: Visibility:
Tropical Reef Sangat Island 3 Minutes 28 Meter 28 Meter

REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver.

2. Sangat Coral Gardens

Located between the resort and the hot springs, the Coral Gardens – another officially recognized and protected marine sanctuary – can be reached by kayak, speedboat or even on foot from the resort.

Starting at a depth of 1 to 3 meters, this reef includes a number of vertical drop-offs featuring small caves and other areas of interest to be explored along the way. Maximum reef depth is approximately 25 meters.

Dive Type: Location: Travel Time: Max. Depth: Visibility:
Tropical Reef Sangat Island 10 Minutes 10 Meter 25 Meter

REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver.

3. Lusong Reef

The beautiful two-kilometer long Lusong reef follows the south-western edge of Lusong island with the southern-most tip of the reef extending into the calm, sheltered waters of Lusong Bay quite near Lusong Gunboat wreck.

Visitors to this scenic 15-meter deep reef will be able experience many varieties of tropical aquatic flora including spectacularly-colored nudi branches, massive big fan corals, barrel sponges and – at deeper depths – exquisite table corals.

Reef flora and fauna which can be found thriving in the shallower areas of this reef include an impressive spectrum of soft and hard corals, teams of beautiful rainbow-colored reef fish and – quite frequently – sightings of indigenous sea turtles.

Located just 15 minutes from Sangat Island, this is an easy and relaxed dive which – under the proper tidal conditions – also affords the added fun of a gentle drift dive.

Dive Type: Location: Travel Time: Max. Depth: Visibility:
Tropical Reef Lusong Island 15 Minutes 15 Meter 15 Meter

REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver.

4. Calumbuyan Reef

Located in Gutob Bay – between the wrecks of the Okikawa and the Akitsushima – this double reef site offers spectacular coral gardens on the east side of the island (perfect for snorkeling or a shallow dive) and a deeper reef area on the south.

The south-side reef – from 4 to 34 meters in depth – is located in a channel between Calumbuyan and Lajo islands. With channel currents typically ranging between 1 to 3 knots, this location offers the perfect conditions for a drift-dive.

Dive Type: Location: Travel Time: Max. Depth: Visibility:
Tropical Reef Calumbuyan Island 25 Minutes 34 Meter 34 Meter

REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver.

5. Dynamite Point Reef

While this location has an unusual name for a truly fantastic reef dive, the 2 to 18 meter deep Dynamite Point reef is a must-see for anyone who loves the spectacular beauty of marine flora and fauna.

Located between Culion and Chindonan Islands, this area is home to a spectacular array of coral gardens – including the very colorful, soft varieties – as well as some of the largest fan corals you are likely to see anywhere.

Dive Type: Location: Travel Time: Max. Depth: Visibility:
Tropical Reef Chindonan Island 15 Minutes 18 Meter 18 Meter

REQUIREMENTS: Open Water Diver.