Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Technical Diving

Technical Diving, as defined by PADI are diving activities – other than commercial or recreational diving – that takes the participant beyond typical, recreational limits.

More specifically, this scuba-specialty often includes penetrating depths beyond 40 meters, dives that often require one or more decompression stages, the use of multiple gas mixtures in a single dive, and more.

The Next Step Down

No matter what the definition, Technical Diving is clearly the next step on the scale of scuba diving skill, excitement and wonder.

For those interested in plumbing the deeper depths of Coron Bay, there are plenty of locations in and around Sangat which offer many exciting opportunities – particularly World War II wreck sites – for those with wreck and/or technical diving experience and certification.

Since the majority of neighboring wrecks have settled at a depth of 25 to 40 meters, most are still in quite good condition and penetrations are possible – indeed, encouraged – for experienced technical and wreck divers.

Technical Diving Courses

Technical and wreck diving is not an activity for the inexperienced: in order to fully enjoy the historical wonders found in and around Sangat, you must first have Technical and/or Wreck Diving training(s) and certification(s).

If you are interested in receiving Technical and/or Wreck Diving training and certification, we offer both PADI and SDI courses at the resort. For more information on one or both of these specialty courses, please click here.

Technical Diving Equipment

Sangat Island Dive Resort offers virtually all of the facilities and equipment any technical diver might need including an on-site Nitrox membrane filling station, O2-clean 12-liter twin tanks, O2-clean 6-liter stage bottles, O2-clean regulators, dive harness with double first stages, stainless-backed technical wings, O2 booster pumps, soda sorb for re-breathers, and more.