Sangat Wildlife: Tropical Geko

Sangat Island

Nestled along side the extreme northern boundary of Coron Bay, Sangat Island (11°58'38.00N / 120°04'17.39E) is just one of over 90 islands and islets which make up the Calamian Island Group in the northern sector of Palawan Province.

The Calamian Group, world renowned for its pristine natural beauty and mystic appeal, includes the three major islands of Busuanga, Culion, and Coron. Sangat's closest island neighbors are Busuanga to the north and Apo island to the east.

Sangat Island and it's surrounding tropical seascapes – aggressively protected and lovingly nurtured by Sangat Island Dive Resort management – provide a thriving safe haven for countless varieties of plant, animal and aquatic species endemic to our little island, as well as the entire Calamian Island Group.


Sangat Island – one of the very few limestone islands in the Calamian Group – is approximately 700 square-hectares and includes three white sand beachs edged by sheer limestone cliffs, dense jungle forestation, and a 455-meter mountain peak which prevails as the second highest elevation in the entire Calamian Island Group.

Sangat Island also features it's own tropical fruit and nut plantation, a twisted maze of evergreen mangrove thickets which line much of our western coastline, a natural geothermal hot spring, and two vibrant and flourishing marine eco-systems: the Sangat House Reef, and the Sangat Coral Gardens.

The picturesque yet protected ancestral burial grounds of the local Tagbanua tribe can also be found on Jawala beach near the southern-most tip of Sangat.

Land-Based Flora and Fauna

Sangat's dense Dipterocarp forests are alive with a vivid selection of tropical bird species including the currently endangered Tarbon, the Palawan Hornbill, talking mynahs, the Palawan Peacock pheasant, and the Philippine cockatoo.

Our deep jungle interiors and mountain areas are likewise a thriving habitat for a spectacular assortment of non-feathered species as well, including the diminutive Calamian deer, the Palawan Ant Eater, wild boar and a fairly large population of friendly, inquisitive Macque monkeys.

Sea-Based Flora and Fauna

The Sangat Island Marine Park and Sanctuary – which includes the waters and reefs surrounding Sangat Island – are likewise a flourishing and protected habitat for marine plants and animals of all varieties.

As the official conservators this sanctuary, Sangat Island Dive Resort frequently hosts marine research volunteers to assist in the monitoring and care of our protected habitats through reef health studies, coral planting projects, removal of natural reef predators (most notably the Crown-Of-Thorns sea star), and more.

To date, 75% of the reefs surrounding Sangat Island are intact and healthy; through our assistance and protection, the remaining 25% continue to recover from typhoon damage, previous illegal fishing practices and Crown-Of-Thorns infestation.

Our ongoing – and ecologically essential – under-sea efforts is a testament to the fact that two of the most popular reef dives within Coron Bay remain the Sangat House Reef and the Sangat Coral Gardens.